The Three Stooges (2012)

The year is 2012.  The Farrelly Brothers – who arguably peaked with There’s Something About Mary back in 1998 – are still making movies, and you know, that’s fine.  However, someone keeps paying them to make their movies, and they somehow attract decent and famous actors for their movies.  This is of growing concern to me, because their films are becoming increasingly difficult to sit through.  So for this movie, they decided to give us The Three Stooges except in modern days.  A trio of men whose heyday was probably about 60 years ago (and just reading through their Wiki entry has depressed the hell out of me), whose chief claim to fame was physically assaulting each other to an alarming extent, reinvented for a modern audience.  How could that be a bad idea at all?

I don’t want to unnecessarily crap all over this movie, but I hated it.  The bright spots are the fairly accurate impersonations of the Stooges by Chris Diamantopoulos (Moe), Sean Hayes (Larry), and Will Sasso (Curly), as well as Sofia Vergara’s completely over the top performance, and her wonderful wardrobe.  I will also give points for Moe physically assaulting the cast of “Jersey Shore”.  Well, not many points, because I didn’t give this movie even a full point.

It didn’t work.  The entire movie, as a whole, while yes, it might be a loving accurate tribute to The Three Stooges, does not work.  I can sit down and easily watch old Three Stooges shorts because they were funny and very of their time.  When you have those characters in a modern day setting with a story borrowed from the 1987 Three Stooges video game, NO, so very much NO.  Did not like, would not sit through again, for all the scenes of Kate Upton in a bikini in the world.  Truthfully, there is not a good Stooges movie to be made in the year 2012 or beyond.  No gritty reboot, and even a biopic would be a hard sell.

0.5 / 5

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