An introduction

There are many snarky movie review blogs you can find on the Internets.  This is sort of going to be another one, but hopefully with a twist.  See, since 1/1/11, I’ve been attempting to average at least one movie watched – that I have never seen before – a day for the entire year.  There is some very specific language going on in that sentence, and it’s put in there for specific reasons.

1) There are going to be days when I will not want to watch a movie

2) There are going to be days when I will be tragically unable to watch a movie (examples of these days are travelling days when I’m on a road trip, a day when I might actually socially interact with people, etc.)

3) Brand new movies means not re-watching The Big Lebowski or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World over and over again because IT COUNTS AND THEY ARE AWESOME DAMMIT, because no it does not count (I really wish I would have put a sub-rule in for any movie that I had not seen in around 10 years) but yes, they are both awesome

4) It allows for me to go ahead and watch five movies a day if I want (and have the time, and tragically being unemployed right now means that yes, I do have the time when I’m not trophy whoring on PSN) and then not watch any for four more days and still have a cushion

I will give you an example.  Today is July 14th.  I have movies banked until the end of July.  The movie I watch tonight will count for August 1st (my birthday, send money).  If you follow me on Twitter, I’ve been Tweeting daily using the hashtag #movieaday since 1/1/11.  There are a few other Tweeps that have been attempting similar things, but to my knowledge, I’m the only one that has kept up with it.

So what am I doing with this blog?  Well, I’m seeing if there’s an audience for me outside of 140 characters.  Back in the day I co-moderated a barely popular but fun and enthusiastic LiveJournal community called Top Five Reviews.  It still exists, and occasionally there are posts in it, but aside from moderating spam out, we don’t upkeep it.  I used to write reviews all the time, but eventually my passion for it died out as the community membership dwindled down to very few voices.

I don’t intend to write full reviews with this blog.  Sure, I’ll praise, I might highlight the things I love or caught my eye, but aside from giving a rating at the end of it, that’s about all the review you’re going to get from me.  I’ll be honest though, most reviewers come across as pretentious film snobs, and I was one of them in the past, and – to an extent – still am.  But working at the Hell that is/was Blockbuster* afforded me very few perks, and one of those perks was the 10 free rentals a week.  Combining that with my ambitious goal for the year meant that I could rent a lot of garbage to watch and it counted!  HURRAH!

Back to my self-question, what am I doing with this blog?  Well, some posts will be very short, might only be a poster of the movie, title, links to the various things I researched after watching it, my rating and any extraneous thoughts.  Some posts, well, they may be filled with snarky commentary on the entire movie.  When I watched Transformers: Rise of the Fallen, I live Tweeted the entire thing.  The best movies to read someone else’s reaction to are the ones that are fucking horrible.  Don’t watch them yourselves, just read about the misery others had to go through.  I will also post my monthly viewings, as well as how I rank the movies I watched in that month.

I still have a lot of movie snobbery in me though.  If you disagree with me, by all means, voice your opinion!  On the Internet – for better or for worse – we all have a voice.  However, if you don’t put a name to your voice, I might just delete your comment.  Not that I’m expecting a tonne of comments or anything.  Hell, this intro post has probably gone on too long as it is!

Oh yeah, if there are parties reading this that might want to contribute their own voices, do their own movieadayeveryday posts or whatever… well let me know if that’s possible on WordPress as I am new here.  Anyways, thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoy reading further things.

*may finally be out of business by the time you read this