Dear Zachary: A Letter to a Son About His Father (2008)


Directed by: Kurt Kuenne (I’d say he’s a mostly amateur filmmaker, though I hope he achieves some measure of success after watching this film)

Written by: Kuenne

Starring: Documentaries rarely “star” people, and in the case of Dear Zachary, there are no famous people at all

What it’s about: a documentary detailing the shocking and appalling events that took place after the murder of Andrew Bagby

What I liked: It felt like a movie that was made with passion, and not just loving passion, but justifiable raging passion.  When you see a movie like this, hopefully you don’t wonder why I get so angry about stuff that Hollywood directors shit out.  This is a documentary that defiantly has an agenda, and unlike a Michael Moore-directed doc, the facts are all easily researchable and impossible to deny.  I don’t like saying that “I liked” how surprising the story was, because holy shit, no, it is positively devastating to watch these events unfold.

What I disliked: There were some technical issues that I didn’t really appreciate, such as the occasional instances where a virtual cacophony of voices were speaking at once and while I do appreciate the artistic intention, it didn’t do much for me.  That is all, oh except for the fact that I am horrified and goddamn embarrassed about the judicial system in my country.

Would I recommend it to anyone?: Yes, but it is a movie you probably won’t ever want to watch again.

Rating: 4 / 5