Dredd (2012)

Far too heroic of a poster for this movie.

Far too heroic of a poster for this movie.

Directed by: Pete Travis (I saw Vantage Point and thought it was an interesting premise ruined by trying to make it too twisty)

Written by: Alex Garland (he wrote 28 Days Later…), based off of the comic book hero Judge Dredd by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra

Starring: Karl Urban, Olivia Thirlby, Lena Headey, Wood Harris, Rakie Ayola, Langley Kirkwood, Domhnall Gleeson and, briefly, Evan Rachel Wood.

What it’s about: a notable law enforcement officer in the future trains a new prospect and ends up having one hell of a training day

B-Movie Alternate Title: Judge Jury and Executioner DREDD

Movie Mash Up: Like some sort of mix of Quarantine/[●REC]The Running ManThe Dark Knight + Training Day

What I liked: Karl Urban was perfect as Judge Dredd, a character I know absolutely nothing about (other than faint memories from old “Wizard Magazine” articles).  His performance was equal parts Dirty Harry and Batman.  Apparently there has been mention of how excessive the violence is in this movie, but I found it to be fine as it takes place in the context of this future world.  It’s not like 2012 where billions of people die and we’re supposed to laugh at the stupid fat Russian guy or whatever.  Olivia Thirlby continues to confound me, as she is clearly attractive but it’s a weird sort of attraction that I can’t put my finger on.  Plus, she’s a talented actress, though it was initially off-putting seeing her in such a hard boiled action movie.  I might not ever set out to watch it again, but I would certainly never turn down a repeat viewing of this movie.

What I disliked: Minor technical quibbles in regards to facial stubble on Urban’s face, as well as a sort of over-reliance on the Slo-Mo drug effects, but like I said, minor quibbles.

Would I recommend it to anyone?: Oh heavens no.  I thought it was great, a dark, fun R-rated action movie, but the violence contained within should not be viewed by young eyes.  Even though they have already probably killed thousands of people already in their video games.

Rating: 4 /5

For some reason, all I could find were Lena Headey gifs for this movie.

For some reason, all I could find were Lena Headey gifs for this movie.

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