The Cutting Edge (1992)

Ha ha, Love/Skate Relationship, that is WONDERFUL

Ha ha, Love/Skate Relationship, that is WONDERFUL

Directed by: Paul Michael Glaser (the best thing he ever directed was The Running Man, but this is a close second and SHUT UP if you think this movie isn’t great)

Written by: Amazingly, it was written by Tony Gilroy who also wrote all of the Bourne movies, the best one being The Bourne Ultimatum

Starring: D.B. Sweeney, Moira Kelly, Roy Dotrice, Terry O’Quinn, Dwier Brown, Barry Flatman and Chris Benson.

What it’s about: a retired hockey player becomes the partner of a temperamental figure skater

B-Movie Alternate Title: I do love the tag line on the above poster (Love/Skate Relationship), but I dunno if it is actually B-Movie quality.  How about Mismatched Pairs Skating?

Movie Mash Up: Blades of Glory + actual quality, blend with any number of Meet Cute rom-coms

What I liked: Oh man, the hair, THE HAIR in this movie is glorious.  It was like watching  The Hunger Games except that these hairstyles REALLY HAPPENED.  There is some actual quality writing going on in this movie, no matter that it is of the romantic comedy genre.  I always wished that D.B. Sweeney had become a big star, because he has just the perfect Everyman quality.  The acting is surprisingly decent as well, and some of the camerawork is amazing.  Some of the selections of the soundtrack are pretty great too, and there are numerous mentions of my hometown (Calgary) throughout, so I am kinda biased towards it.  And when there is an NHL lockout going on (as I write this, rumours are that it will be over so hopefully by the time it is posted it will be done with), you crave anything even tangentially related to hockey.  I can’t even qualify this movie as a guilty pleasure, because I love it without irony.

What I disliked: Well it isn’t a perfect movie.  It is very rooted in the time period it was shot, thereby eliminating it from having any real timeless quality to it.  Also, THE HAIR in this movie is atrocious.  I would like to see it on Blu-Ray to see how cleaned up it could be, and whether some of the blurry shots were entirely on purpose.  Also, it just struck me that if Kate was soooooo good, why didn’t she skate as a single?

Would I recommend it to anyone?: Heck yes, it is a fun romantic comedy in the sports world.  It is 20 years old, and I still notice new things in it.  I had no idea the Brian figure skater was gay until this viewing.  And man, I had a crush on Lorie Peckarovski after watching it.

Rating: 3.5 / 5

Pretty sure there are no other gifs about this movie that don't include the "toe pick" line.

Pretty sure there are no other gifs about this movie that don’t include the “toe pick” line.

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