The Grey (2012)

Trying a new format here, see how I feel about it.  Less verbalizing, more boiling it down.

Directed by: Joe Carnahan (do watch his excellent Narc, avoid watching the terrible Smokin’ Aces)

Written by: Carnahan co-wrote the screenplay with Ian Mackenzie Jeffers who adapted his own short story “Ghost Walker”

Starring: Liam Neeson, Dermot Mulroney, Joe Anderson, Frank Grillo, Dallas Roberts, James Badge Dale

What it’s about: A plane transporting Alaskan oil drillers crashes, and the survivors must battle both nature (the titular grey wolves) and the elements for survival

B-Movie Alternate Title: The Grey Wolves Attack!

Movie Mash Up: Frozen AliveA Lonely Place to Die with a little bit of Neeson badassery from Taken thrown in there

What I liked: gritty, dark, excellently shot, decent enough acting for what’s asked of the actors in this type of movie, Liam Neeson as a man questioning faith while attempting to lead these oil drillers to survival in the Arctic wilderness, tense.

What I disliked: the aforementioned “questioning faith” aspect felt a bit tacked on, some of the wolves didn’t appear as realistic as they should have, and how goddamn cold watching it made me (which is more a compliment to the cinematography)

Would I recommend it to everyone?: Yup, unless you have something against Liam Neeson being a bad ass.

Rating: 4 / 5


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