The Last Boy Scout (1991)

Sometimes I re-watch movies that I love, and I find those reviews to be among the most difficult to write.  I mean, I could go into great detail about how awesome the dialogue and characters are, how nearly perfect a movie is and well if you don’t feel that way, all the words in the world aren’t going to convince you otherwise.  There are many reasons I shouldn’t love The Last Boy Scout, but nevertheless, I do.  It’s very much a product of its time, very much rooted in the early ’90s action genre, but it’s of a smarter pedigree than your average Stallone/Van Damme/whoever flick.

Directed by the late Tony Scott and written by Shane Black (responsible for one of my all time favourite movies, Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang), Scout is full of death, snarky comeback lines, physical violence and casual dismissal of the fairer sex.  Bruce Willis and Damon Wayans are both perfect in their roles, and the supporting cast also do a stellar job.  Particularly Taylor Negron in his scenery-chewing role of Milo, the bad guy.  If it’s possible to describe it as such, it would be as the bastard “special” son of Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang.  Just an all around awesome dude’s movie, half a point deducted for being so hopelessly early ’90s.

4.5 / 5


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