Away We Go (2009)

Throughout this summer of unemployment, I have been re-watching a lot of my TV box sets in between movies and playing Sleeping Dogs.  Lately I’ve been re-watching the US version of “The Office”, so going into watching this movie again, I thought it might be difficult to see John Krasinski as anyone but Jim Halpert.  However, Krasinski is such an affable sort of guy, that it doesn’t matter what movie I see him in, he’s doing the same act, and it’s charming and “everyman”-ish and I enjoy the guy, so if the worst thing I can say is that he just acted like Jim in this movie, well that’s a type of compliment.

Anyways, this film isn’t your usual “heavy” Sam Mendes fare.  It’s more of a smaller movie, not in ambition, but in scope.  It’s basically about a loving couple, Burt (Krasinki) and Verona (Maya Rudolph), trying to find their grown up lives, so to speak.  Verona is expecting their first child, and adamant that she never wants to get married, despite how desperately Burt wants to marry her.  When Burt’s parents (Jeff Daniels and Catherine O’Hara) announce they’re going to be moving to Antwerp for two years, Burt and Verona decide to find a new place to live since the only reason they were living there was so Burt’s parents could help with the baby sometimes.  And Away We er, they Go.

Look, I’ve read some other reviews where it was suggested that Burt and Verona are “self-righteous people that think they’re super special and different than all us other idiots” or something like that.  I can see that point of view, since it seems that every place that they visit in hopes of moving to is populated by buffoonish people in one way or another.  Or sadness.  Or idiocy.  Until they find the right place of course.  I don’t agree with that feeling, I think Burt and Verona are a lovely couple and felt fairly real, not a rom-com couple or anything.

I enjoyed the film, might be a bit slow-paced and navel-gazing for some audiences, but it plays well for me.

3.5 / 5


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