Man on a Ledge (2012)

For me, Man on a Ledge played out like something that was a cross between The Negotiator, The Ledge and Inside Man.  You’ve got this Nick Cassidy (Sam Worthington) guy, who apparently has been wrongly imprisoned for Reasons that will be revealed and is dealing with a negotiator (Elizabeth Banks).  Yet Nick never seems like he’s out of control of the situation, and he’s the titular Man.  Of course there’s more to the story than just the situation the title describes, and those past three sentences explain exactly how I came to that mash-up conclusion.  Thank you, and good day.

It’s a fairly straight forward movie, and would be merely average if it weren’t for the cast involved and how they breathe more life into the sort of story we’ve all seen before.  Banks and Worthington pretty much dominate the screen time, and they’ve got great chemistry together.  Jamie Bell and Génesis Rodríguez are also great together, taking care of the heist sub-plot in an entertaining and believable fashion.  Well, maybe there’s a little bit of disbelief that you need to suspend, but ultimately, the movie works.  Ed Harris turns in his trademark performance, which is always good, sometimes grand.  And I love seeing William Sadler in anything.

It’s not a great movie, just a pretty good one, and definitely engaging and entertaining.

3.5 / 5


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