Zonad (2009)

I’m not really into a lot of cult films, and the ones that I do greatly enjoy seem to have little to no cult fans anyways.  So maybe they’re just overlooked gems or movies that most people don’t “get” or appreciate.  Whatever.  Zonad is one of those movies, co-directed by Kieran and John Carney, the latter responsible for one of my favourite movies of all time, Once.

The titular character, Zonad (Simon Delaney), is found in the home of the Cassidy family, in the small town of Ballymoran which is in the United Kingdom somewhere.  Having just come home from a comet watching, they are all filled with the ideas of alien life and seeing Zonad passed out in his rubber suit, they jump to the conclusion that he is an extra terrestrial life form.  However, Zonad is just an alcohol-dependent escapee from a local penitentiary, but sees an opportunity to take advantage of this well-meaning family, and maybe nail the attractive daughter, Jenny (Janice Byrne).

Zonad isn’t a movie high on production values or action-packed scenes.  Rather, it’s full of absurd situations and the shameless manner in which Zonad takes advantage of the townspeople of Ballymoran.  Think William H. Macy in “Shameless”, except just a bit less disturbing.  It’s a fairly short movie, clocking in at just over an hour, not overstaying its welcome and telling an amusing story.  Not many movies actually make me laugh out loud the first time I see them, and Zonad still finds a way to get that response out of me.  Definitely not for everyone though.

4 / 5


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