The Hunger Games (2012)

Going into watching The Hunger Games, I had little to no idea about what it was about.  I had become vaguely aware that Suzanne Collins’ novel was quite popular amongst the Twilight crowd, but that it didn’t suffer from the near overwhelming derision that the Twilight series suffers from the more intelligent people on my radar.  Not that I’m saying only dumb people like Twilight but uh… hmmm, let’s just move on, shall we?

I was mostly interested in watching The Hunger Games because of the casting of Jennifer Lawrence.  The first time I recall seeing her onscreen was for Winter’s Bone, and she was so compelling in that performance that I became a fan of hers.  It doesn’t hurt that she is ridiculously attractive, either.  I wasn’t too aware of the rest of the casting for the movie, just vague Twitter mentions that neither compelled nor turned me off of seeing the movie.  There’s an enormous amount of talent in the cast, and for the type of movie it is, they all performed fairly well, Lawrence of course knocking it out of the park.  Her co-star Josh Hutcherson was decent enough, but in my books just didn’t have the right total package for his character.

If – like me – you know nothing about what The Hunger Games is about, well I can sum it up as a mash-up of The Running Man and The Truman Show.  It’s a life or death reality show, with a brief bit of Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” thrown in.  There are numerous other works that it has been compared to, but I haven’t seen Battle Royale yet so I can’t really comment on that.  Look, I make a habit out of decrying the lack of originality in movies these days, but the way that the movie was executed was far better than any “cash-in-sell-out” crap movie that takes advantage of nostalgia or similar films to tell its story.  There’s nothing new in The Hunger Games, no story twists that you couldn’t see coming from a kilometre away, but it was still an enjoyable enough film.

I have no problems saying that director Gary Ross did a great job with the movie, as it was entertaining and had an immensely engaging lead actress onscreen for nearly the entire running time.  It’s not an excellent movie, but definitely a good one that I would recommend to anyone.

3.5 / 5


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