The Lorax (2012)

In case you haven’t been able to tell by my month-long sabbaticals, I have grown somewhat weary of watching movies.  A lot of my reviews are basically re-posts from years ago, about movies that I have recently re-watched and had nothing new to say about.  When I do watch a new movie, I find myself putting off writing about them for days because unless they were great, it kind of gets me down that they were made in this day and age.  So sometimes, my reviews are going to be short and to the point, and not going every little thing that I hated or loved.

I did not like The Lorax.  In 2012, when a company with the pedigree of Pixar exists (completely ignoring the Cars movies), animated movies should be doing their best to emulate the masters of the craft.  I don’t mean copying their ideas (Shark Tale, etc.) and completely missing the point of them, but just figure out the heart of your movie and make it Feel.  Or make others Feel watching it, and make sure it isn’t condescending to kids or adults.

I didn’t feel anything watching The Lorax, other than a slightly creeping revulsion of the whole thing.  It was gorgeously animated, yeah, but the songs were absolutely horrible to listen to, and the voice cast were good, but the crap they had to read was crap!  I do not recommend The Lorax to anyone, not even five year old kids.

1.5 / 5


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