Serenity (2005)

Having just re-watched all of “Firefly” as part of my Summer TV Series Re-Watching Theatre, I had fully intended on writing up a new review of Serenity.  For those of you that don’t know, Serenity was the big screen sequel/expansion/whatever you want to call it to “Firefly”.  However, I found my original review – while cruder – conveyed my feelings better, as it was from the viewpoint of someone who had not watched “Firefly” beforehand.  Therefore, it shows that you don’t need the background knowledge to enjoy the movie, so read on!

Written and directed by Joss Whedon, Serenity is an expansion of Whedon’s apparently-cancelled-too-soon TV series “Firefly”. However, my not having seen even a minute of “Firefly” in no way hampered my ability to enjoy Serenity, just to get that question out of the way. Watching Serenity, however, definitely makes you want to pick up the “Firefly” series on BluRay so you can enjoy that much more of it.

Whedon writes such crisp, real dialogue, that anytime a few of the characters are sitting around quibbling over something, you almost wish the whole movie was that scene, extended for two hours. Which isn’t to say that the space battles and special effects are anything to sneeze at. While retaining a certain “Buffy”-esque amateurish quality to them, the special effects still look believable and beautiful at times. Whedon seems to be conjuring up a live-action Titan A.E. at points, which isn’t that odd since apparently he had a hand in the screenplay for that long-forgotten movie.

Featuring a cast of pretty much nobodies (unless you’re a Whedonphile like myself, you probably won’t recognize anyone but David Krumholtz and maybe Alan Tudyk), Serenity is all about the crew of the titular spaceship, a gang of ragtag thieves and smugglers or something. It’s not really explained in the movie what it is they do, other than just being a mercenary group for hire … or something. It’s not carved in stone actually, but they’re a lovable gang of talented losers, much like the Scoobies were on the “Buffy” series.

My favourite actor in the movie is, without a doubt, Nathan Fillion. Edmonton-born, half the time looking like a bad ass Jason Bateman, Fillion is charismatic and cruel at points, while still displaying a heart of gold and intelligence. With his every line delivery, you get that feeling that this is a space Western, just because of the grizzled feel to his dialogue. Here is a man that wouldn’t look out of place in the Old West.

I could analyze every little bit of the movie, but it would just be in a nit-picking way, and I enjoyed Serenity far too much to besmirch it anything. The cast has tremendous chemistry, the writing’s crisp, the story’s great (though formulaic in an enjoyable way), and it’s one of the best space movies I’ve seen in years. There is nothing I didn’t like about Serenity and I’ll probably end up rewatching it many times over the years, especially after I pick up the “Firefly” series.

5 / 5


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