The Dictator (2012)

I’m not a big fan of Sacha Baron Cohen at all.  I enjoy him, in measured doses though.  I thought Borat was wonderfully brilliant, a near perfectly executed film.  I attempted to watch Brüno, got about 10 minutes into it and had to turn it off.  Me stopping a movie is a damned rarity.  Other than that one, the only other film I can recall that I’ve stopped watching was The Last Airbender.  I’m sure there have been more in my life, but I just have abolished all memory of them from my brains.

I know what I’m going to get – for the most part – from a Cohen movie, especially one that was directed by Larry Charles.  It will feature several uncomfortable scenes, subversive and offensive behaviours, probable male nudity, some potentially gross female nudity (sorry ladies, I like my boobs to be normal-sized), etc. etc.  For guys that like to do things differently, they certainly have established a formula for themselves.  Sometimes it works, but it depends on the execution of the film.  As a mockumentary-type, Borat was excellent.  It was MEANT to be awkward, etc. but with The Dictator, it just seems to be lazy, obvious satire.  Like a Scary Movie.

There were times during The Dictator that I laughed, I’ll admit it.  I felt a bit dirty during those moments, not going to lie.  Some of the scenes just do not work at all (the helicopter scene is completely wrong based on the previously established motivations of the characters, for example) and are just painful to sit through.  Not in one of those awkward “The Office” senses though, just questioning why I’m putting myself through it.  There are probably more laughs to be had if you’re a racist, so there’s that.  I didn’t enjoy it.

1 / 5


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