Wanderlust (2012)

Now I’m sure you’re all sick and tired of reading me write about how much I love Paul Rudd in anything, so I’ll try to keep that to a minimum for OH I CAN’T.  I forgive a lot in movies that he stars in just because he’s one of the greatest guys in the history of guys.  Come on, you have to admit to yourself that it’s true.  He could tell me that I have five minutes to live and I’d be like “Can you just riff on that for those five minutes?  Like tell me all the ways I’m going to die.  It’s fine, it’s inevitable, I just want to go out happy.”  And then I would die, happy.

Anyways, Wanderlust is a movie brought to us by the fine folks that gave us the wonderful Role Models.  David Wain directed the picture, having co-written it with Ken Marino, and the cast is populated by numerous actors that have together with Wain in the past.  At first I was worried that Wanderlust was going to be like Wet Hot American Summer and I would feel bad because I didn’t “get it”.  Thankfully, while the subject matter is a bit similar, it’s a far more accessible film than Summer was, even though Jennifer Aniston is one of the stars.  Nah, I give her a lot of shit, but she’s alright in this.

In fact, everyone is alright in this.  They all know their roles, and they deliver because they believe in the project and it is funny.  It’s not traditionally stupid funny or whatever is palpable for mainstream hilarity, it’s riffing, improv, chemistry-based funny.  Everyone bounces off one another and it is highly enjoyable to me.  It’s a movie that I’d definitely make time to re-watch and recommend to friends.  I am being so vague in this review, not even telling you it’s about a couple (Rudd and Aniston) that is having a financial crisis and end up living in a hippie commune for a bit and then Things Happen.  A solid Wain movie, at least on par with Role Models if not slightly better.

4 / 5


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