The Thomas Crown Affair (1999)

Who would have ever thought that the director of Predator would be able to pull off a classy remake of a Steve McQueen movie?  Not just a remake, but a remake where things are changed for modern audiences and it makes sense and actually benefits the finished product.  John McTiernan directed this movie based off of the original 1968 McQueen version, and changed the entire execution of the theft sequence to make it more palpable to people in these much more troubled times.  He’s also managed to make an elegant heist movie, a less dirty, Mamet-lite type film with a charismatic and attractive lead actor where throughout the entire movie you don’t really view him as the antagonist at all.  It’s not a monumental achievement or anything, but it’s noteworthy.

Pierce Brosnan stars as the titular character, a wealthy man who – to combat boredom, presumably – decides to start stealing art.  Not just art, but a Monet worth around $100-million.  Doing so attracts the attention of well, obviously the police, but an intelligent and ridiculously attractive insurance investigator, Catherine Banning (Rene Russo).  Banning knows he took the painting, Crown knows she knows, and the rest of the film is a dance, a tango where they give and take from one another in a battle of intellect and heart.

Yeah, I wax a bit romantic on the film making choices that McTiernan makes, but it works so well.  It doesn’t hurt that Brosnan is clearly a handsome man that exudes class, and that audiences would have a hard time ever rooting against the man.  Russo is at her slinky, sexy best in this film, one that gives us a glimpse, well LONG lingering stares more like, of just how attractive she truly is.  It’s a wonderful movie, no one gets hurt, and we all have a good time.

4 / 5

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