Chronicle (2012)

Okay, so I saw this movie awhile back, and it was right around the time that I felt drained of all inspiration and just couldn’t write anything that would satisfy myself because all my energies were focused on something stupid.  Well, that didn’t really blow up in my face, it just petered out.  So my memory might be a bit hazy, but I’ve written about every new movie I’ve seen for a year now, better not miss any.

Now I’m a big fan of found footage films (The Blair Witch Project still ranks in my Top 25 of All Time), so the premise behind Chronicle was definitely intriguing to me.  High schoolers that somehow get super powers and the footage that they recorded of themselves using those powers and such.  I’m a bit of a comic book nerd, so the whole idea appealed to me.  Which was why I was shocked that I was so “meh” about the film overall.

First of all, generally I don’t need explanations in a movie for Why Things Are, but when the entire premise of your movie is about found footage, well explain that.  Chronicle just starts showing us footage with no reasons why and for me, that’s a problem with the found footage conceit.  Secondly, the telekinesis ability that Andrew (Dane DeHaan) displays is at times used in such a mundane fashion to feed into the found footage conceit, that it felt like “cheating” to me.  Yeah, he can move things that are recording him with his mind, but that doesn’t mean that all the found footage in all those devices was found and edited together in some film editing software.  I mean, how, who did that, why?

I’ve been told sometimes that I think too much about movies, like in an insulting fashion.  I don’t think that it’s a bad thing, but I can see how my opinions on a movie you’ve seen and enjoyed could certainly make someone say that about me.  I didn’t altogether like the movie, but I enjoyed parts of it throughout.  So there’s that.  The origin story of the powers and the choices one makes when they get their powers, well that’s classic comic book stuff there, and I did enjoy how that came about onscreen.  The execution of the total package rubbed me wrong.

3 / 5


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