Another stoppage

This would be a review of Chronicle if I were into doing this anymore.  I can’t keep up this pace at all.  Between work and catching up on TV and video games and my passion for watching tonnes of movies dwindling, it keeps getting harder and harder to devote time to not just these reviews, but watching the films in the first place.  Not to mention that my singular passion is currently being spent on pining for someone I shouldn’t (at this point, at least).  Perhaps I’ll take this back up when the inevitable blow up happens and instead of trying to pursue romantic entanglements and developing a personal life, I just hunker down in my bunker and watch loads and loads of movies again.

Rest assured that I’ll probably update this with new movies I’ve seen or older ones as well.  Probably.  Thank you to all my loyal readers, and hopefully this doesn’t disappoint you too much.


About SkoochXC
Long-time blogger, Canadian, cine-snark-aphile, Tweeter and generally lonely hearted guy.

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