The Iron Lady (2011)

I’ve gone on some pretty angry Oscar-award-winning-movie diatribes on this blog in the past (mostly about how undeserving The King’s Speech was as a Best Picture winner), but usually I can grant that some terribly average movies contain great performances.  I have dubbed this The Monster Syndrome, based on Charlize Theron’s amazing performance in an otherwise average film.  When Meryl Streep was nominated for her performance as Margaret Thatcher in this film, well a lot of us just thought it was a nomination brought on by the vast respect that everyone has for Streep’s career.  Personally, I felt that Viola Davis was going to win for her performance in The Help but nope, only Octavia Spencer (deservedly) won an Oscar for that movie.

This biopic of Thatcher is somewhat unusual and controversial in that Thatcher is still alive, and – according to this film – in the throes of dementia, prone to extended flashbacks of her past life as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.  That about sums up the entire film, and if it weren’t for Streep’s performance, it would easily be about the quality of a TV movie.  Well, Streep’s performance and the presence of some other solid British actors, most notably (for me) Anthony Head.  Giles, from “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”!  He simply must be cast in more movies, there is no excuse for it (other than he has a disturbing ability to facially transform into Christopher Walken).

Would I recommend this to anyone?  No, unless you simply must watch every Best Actress Oscar-winning performance ever, then yes, fine, clearly you have to watch it.  But it’s boring, and occasionally trite, just an average film for me.

2.5 / 5


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