Super Troopers (2002)

Hey, I just re-watched this and what I wrote in the long ago still holds water, so yup, I copied and pasted it and here it is.  I hope you enjoy.

Directed by Jay Chandrasekhar and written by Jay and the rest of the Broken Lizard comedy troupe, Super Troopers is about a Highway Patrol team trying to save their jobs amid budget cutbacks threatening their livelihood. The Troopers are a fun-loving gang that try to enjoy their jobs as much as possible, especially when they come up against the local cops who seem to be of the idiot persuasion. When a murder victim is found by the highway with an Afghanimation monkey tattooed on her neck, the Highway Patrol Captain John O’Hagen (Brian Cox) wants the boys to solve the case so they can curry some favour from the Govenor (Lynda Carter) so she doesn’t shut them down.

There are a few other plotlines involving all of the main cast, with Trooper Foster (Paul Soter) wanting to date Officer Ursula (Marisa Coughlan), no one seeming to know what ethnic descent Trooper Ramathorn (Chandrasekhar) is, the rookie Trooper Rabbit (Erik Stolhanske) fitting in with the rest of the crew, etc. The cast writes to each of their strengths for the most part, though I don’t know if Kevin Heffernan is as big of an asshole in real life as he is as Trooper Farva. It’s quite amazing that you can buy him as the romantic lead in Broken Lizard’s Club Dread movie that followed this one. These guys are talented improv comedy actors, even if you couldn’t pick any one of them out of a crowd.

Despite all that building up by me, the movie is essentially of the dick ‘n fart joke genre, though more Kevin Smith-y than Van Wilder-y. Or I could just be typing out of my ass here, it doesn’t matter. I enjoyed it when I originally saw it in the theatre and it still holds up years later as an entertaining movie. The cast has tremendous chemistry and you can tell they had the time of their lives making this movie. Even though the budget was only $3 million, it looks pretty good and ended up raking in six times its budget in box office gross. Yeah I know, that’s only $18 million, but that’s also enormously profitable. That has nothing to do with the quality of the movie, but it’s just a little nugget I wanted to share with you. Bigger budgets don’t always equal better movies.

3.5 / 5


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