Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows (2011)

Earlier this year, I re-watched the first Guy Ritchie-directed Sherlock Holmes movie to hopefully get some extra traffic due to the sequel having recently been released in theatres.  I also fully intended on seeing that sequel, but at a more convenient time and cost than the theatre (small town theatres are generally shitty if they haven’t been built in the last 10 years).  I wasn’t sure if A Game of Shadows was going to be a direct sequel or a somewhat stand-alone movie, so I wanted to refresh my memories of it and realised that it wasn’t as great a movie as I initially thought it to be.

I think Guy Ritchie has some sort of directing tic, where he absolutely must have a slo-motion scene that shows SO MUCH else that us regular-speed watchers would never catch onto.  There are so many trademark Ritchie scenes in the movie that I’m sure it could easily inspire a drinking game where alcohol poisoning is almost a certainty.  He’s almost a cerebral British Michael Bay, except not as shitty.  The usage of those filming techniques is almost a crutch at this point, and if it weren’t for the writing and acting in Ritchie’s movies, he’d pretty much be Zack Snyder.

The acting and writing are the only things that kept me involved in this movie, completely honest here.  Robert Downey, Jr. again carries the bulk of the film as the titular character, with ample screentime devoted to his Watson, Jude Law.  The best part of the movie is Jared Harris though, appearing as the nemesis of Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty.  A far different foil for Holmes than Mark Strong was in the first movie, much more intellectual and actually making one doubt Holmes’ James Bond-esque ability to amply prepare for everything every time everywhere.

However, much like the first movie, my interest waned and I was easily distracted from the movie.  That’s one of the few advantages a movie theatre has over home viewing, where the fact that I paid for this damn movie is the only thing keeping me watching it.  It got a bit unnecessarily convoluted and I got a bit bored and probably missed some intrinsic plot detail that was a red herring or some shit and whatever, it was an alright movie in the end, nothing more.

3 / 5


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