Bending the Rules (2012)

These WWE Studios movies are … well, I’ll be honest: most of them I expect to be laughably bad.  The worst ones that I’ve reviewed here have been The Marine and Knucklehead, both earning 2s.  I was probably a bit kinder to them than I should have been, but honestly, going upon first impressions, they should have been utterly terrible.  The best ones that have been made were Legendary (basically a less weighty Win Win) and That’s What I Am, both solid dramatic movies with little appeal to your typical WWE fan other than “OMG that’s John Cena/Randy Orton!”

I don’t even know what kind of point I was trying to make with that opening paragraph, other than generally the WWE Studios films are not terrible and can be an enjoying way to spend an hour and a bit.  They don’t challenge you, they’re typically cliché-ridden for whatever genre they’re in, relatively inoffensive (in keeping with the PG WWE Era), and employ a decent cast, with a mix of whatever current or former WWE star the movie is a vehicle for, and a range of D to B list actors.

In the case of this movie, recently retired WWE superstar Adam “Edge” Copeland is the star, along with a bloated Jamie Kennedy, 35-pound head Kevin Weisman, “Arrested Development”‘s Jessica Walter, almost somebody Alicia Witt, character actors Philip Baker Hall and Pruitt Taylor Vince, and Jennifer Esposito, the woman who epitomizes how sexy a white tanktop can be.  It’s a typical Internal Affairs police investigation movie, with Edge playing the playfully corrupt detective, and Kennedy as the Assistant DA who is trying to put him away.  Edge stumbles upon some chicanery and the story writes itself.

It’s not great, but it’s also not terrible.  Edge shows some alright acting chops, but I don’t know if the cop genre is the right one to put him into.  Jessica Walter was her typical fantastic self, and I wonder how many of her lines were actually written that way for her, or if she brought far more to her character than what was on the page.  It’s a perfectly acceptable movie for me that I’ll probably never watch again, but was better than Inside Out by virtue of not having Triple H or Michael Rapaport in the cast.

3 / 5


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