Pale Rider (1985)

I’m getting kind of Westerned out now, so I might put the other three Westerns I was going to be watching next on the backburner.  However, there’s still the matter of this movie to talk about.  I think I’d only seen Pale Rider once before, and that was on VHS.  Somewhen along the way, I picked up the DVD to replace the VHS but just never watched it again until now.

It’s pretty much High Plains Drifter Lite.. no, probably UltraLite because that movie was darrrrrrk.  Maybe we’ll go with Unforgiven Lite.  This came out the same year as Silverado, and neither of those movies really brought the Western back to movie screens in a big way.  It’s a solid enough Clint Eastwood-directed-starring movie, though nowhere near as great as Unforgiven.  Eastwood’s character is pretty much The Man With No Name from the Sergio Leone Trilogy back in the day, although a bit more mythical and with numerous religious overtones.

It’s not the most well-made movie ever, or I’ve been spoiled by how much better movies have become since then.  There’s a scene where Megan (Sydney Penny) picks up her dead dog and it’s clearly a prop.  Not that I’m suggesting a dog should have been killed to make it authentic (dogs should never ever be killed ever), but a dead animal doesn’t look the same as an animal in a plaster cast which is exactly what her dog briefly looked like.  Enjoyable enough movie, with some decent performances, and it’s always good to see all-time movie villains like Richard Kiel and Billy Drago as bit players.

3.5 / 5


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