Silverado (1985)

Re-watching a movie that I viewed numerous times as a kid (thanks mom, for dubbing all those VHS tapes) is sometimes a harrowing experience.  You have all these precious memories in your head from your previous viewings, but you’re also taking the chance that just maybe the movie didn’t age well.  Or you’ve become a jaded movie snob, and now there’s aspects to the film that grate on your critical nerves, forcing you to decide whether or not you still love it for the memories, or that you have to downgrade it because it wasn’t as good as you remember it being.  That’s what Silverado has ended up becoming for me.

I’m a fan of a solidly made Western movie, as you’ll see in the coming days, and Silverado is a fairly .. well, it’s alright.  It’s got a huge, talented cast that clearly enjoyed making the picture.  However, the writing at times seems to be full of itself, like it’s trying to be all deep ‘n shit when all we want is cowboys shootin’ shit.  So to speak.  The conversations between Paden (Kevin Kline) and Stella (Linda Hunt) seem to hint at a long forgotten past between the two of them, but it’s mostly just air.  Then there are the storylines that start and stop abruptly, as if no one would believe Paden would get together with Hannah (Rosanna Arquette) so they just picked one of the other dudes that wasn’t the black one.

It’s a gorgeous-looking movie for sure, with the classic Western visuals we’ve all grown accustomed to.  Bruce Broughton’s score is at times perfect and at other times pointlessly thematic, if that makes any sense.  When he’s shooting for an anthem, Broughton seems to just shoot for the moon and this movie didn’t end up being the epic tale of a golden city that everyone perhaps mistakenly thought they were making.  I still have great fond memories of it, but those are clouded over with the realization that I don’t love it the way I used to.  It’s not down to the level of a guilty pleasure… yet.

3.5 / 5


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