The Social Network (2010)

In twenty years, is anyone ever going to remember The King’s Speech?  Or will they remember Inception and The Social Network, two movies that were nominated for the Best Picture Oscar and – in my opinion – probably split the “holy shit this is an awesome movie” vote?  I’ve watched The King’s Speech exactly once, and it wasn’t even the best movie I saw that month, let alone the year.  InceptionSocial Network, probably watched each of those 5-6 times each, and every time I watch them I notice new things about them.  It’s an embarrassment of the highest level that The King’s Speech won the Best Picture Oscar that year, completely undoing all the goodwill I had for the Academy the year before for rightfully rewarding The Hurt Locker as the Best Picture that year.  ANYWAYS.

If it weren’t for one other movie on director David Fincher’s résumé, The Social Network would be his greatest movie.  You wouldn’t think that though, being that this is a movie about creating goddamn Facebook, and Fincher has made masterful dark films, comments on society, etc. that will echo through the ages.  But everything about the movie is excellent, from the casting to Trent Reznor’s Oscar-winning score, to the cinematography, to the acting, to Aaron Sorkin’s writing.  Oh wait, there’s one aspect that isn’t excellent, and that might just be a personal opinion of mine.

Andrew Garfield.  I want to punch his smug face every time I see it onscreen.  That isn’t a fault of Fincher, Sorkin, the acting or anything.  I just loathe Garfield.  He seems so douchey.  I can’t even begin to understand how he was cast as Peter Parker in the upcoming Spider-Man reboot.  There’s nothing heroic about him, and he makes my skin crawl every minute that he’s onscreen.  I completely understood why Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) was being an asshole to him because he’s fucking Andrew Garfield.  Despite his presence, The Social Network is still a perfect movie.  Watch it with someone you want to de-friend on Facebook.

5 / 5


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