Zodiac (2007)

After watching David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo yesterday and watching his Zodiac film today, I can see why he was interested in making TGWTDT.  It was probably a slam dunk for him, considering he’d already made practically the same movie.  Both movies contain large casts and attempting to unravel a decades old mystery.  One is based on TRUE LIFE EVENTS and the other was adapted from a dead Swede’s work of fiction.  INTRIGUE~!

Honestly, Zodiac is near perfection, a wonderful .. well, “wonderful” seems like a poor choice of a word to use to describe a movie about an unsolved series of murders from Back in the Day.  It’s a Fincher film, so it’s darkly humourous, and pretty much dark all around.  The blacks are so black.  It’s been written by many writers better than me (me card read good) that Fincher is pretty much a perfectionist, and every small detail in the film is perfect, right down to the smallest role.  The numerous leads are note perfect, and the supporting cast features maybe Familiar Friends of Fincher, all top notch, though I will give out huge props to John Carroll Lynch (biased note: he has the same birthday as me) because the way he acts during his entire less than 10 minutes of screen time, man, he should have gotten an Oscar nom for that.

It’s so near perfect that it’s maddeningly frustrating that it isn’t.  You want the movie to reveal this one little detail that was missed decades ago, have everyone slap their foreheads and the mystery solved.  And … it might be?  With a nearly three hour running time to get to such an unsatisfying conclusion, oh man, it’s just.. I can’t think of the perfect analogy or metaphor for it, other than maybe something to do with getting dry humped but not getting off.  YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN.  Maddening.

4.5 / 5


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