The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (2011)

Okay, well I’m a pretty big David Fincher fan, though I will admit that occasionally rarely does he make a misstep or a boring film.  The Curious Case of Benjamin Button is the closest Fincher has ever come to making a traditional (read: mainstream and marketable) movie, and it was showered with praise and awards nominations.  Why not go back to that well, especially after the awesome mainstream success of a non-traditional film like The Social Network?

Honestly, TGWTDT is not a mainstream movie in the traditional sense, but much like everyone read “The Da Vinci Code”, seemingly everyone has read the book by the late Steig Larsson on which it was adapted from.  However, unlike “Da Vinci”, Larsson’s book is actually decent enough (although I still maintain that the translation in the first book was far too literal to provide anything substantially powerful), and back in Sweden, his trilogy of books were made into a fairly successful movie trilogy.  Which begs the question: why was Fincher’s movie even made?

Honestly, I’ll gladly take Noomi Rapace’s performance over Rooney Mara’s and the European filmmaking (read: more ballsy) over the semi-sanitized American version.  It’s a good enough movie, but that’s all Fincher’s direction and Daniel Craig / Mara’s chemistry/acting.  The worst thing we’ll probably ever get from David Fincher is that the movie was only very good.

4 / 5


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