Hot Tub Time Machine (2010)

For me, there’s a real easy well to tell if someone is humourless and pretty much dead inside.  If they cannot enjoy HTTM for the ridiculousness that it is, then they really need to evaluate their life choices.  It’s a comedic gem of a movie that explores many fun topics like suicide, broken hearts, marriages ending, the ’80s and the potential loss of a limb.  It is everything that a modern comedy should be, R-rated and reveling in it.  Oh, and duh, there’s time travel involved too!

I’m not even going to give you a synopsis of the movie, the title is one of the most self-explanatory ever.  The awesome cast just bounce off one another, the writing is crisp, fun and intelligent.  The time travel is smartly (and almost too neatly) done, and there’s copious amounts of booze and boobs.  And not nearly enough Lizzy Caplan or Lyndsy Fonseca in ’80s outfits.  Missed opportunity there, but this is a tremendously entertaining movie and infinitely rewatchable.

4 / 5


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