Get Over It (2001)

Everything is flowing nicely this week, good theme I think.  WHO DOESN’T LOVE HIGH SCHOOL COMEDIES?  Get out if you don’t.  It really doesn’t matter that none of our lives in high school were ever as awesome as the high schools we see in the movies, they still bring back precious terrible memories.  And some of you might think that’s my launching pad into savagely tearing apart Get Over It but no, I love this movie.  I acknowledge that it has issues, and it is certainly far from timeless and very rooted in the early 2000s pop culture.  Hell, Sisqó is one of the stars.  Sisqó.  Sisqó of “The Thong Song” fame and nothing else.  I’m sure there’s a Tumblr out there about how if you can remember who Sisqó is you’re fucking old or something, and if there isn’t why not start one.

Here’s something else that could be made into a Tumblr.  Look at Ben Foster’s head.

Does the shape of his skull completely look like the symbol for the Decepticons or am I just seeing things?  Seriously.  I can’t look at it without thinking he’s a robot in disguise.  This was one of Foster’s first biggish starring roles, and this is a fairly star-studded cast.  Look at all those tags, I completely forgot Mila Kunis was in it, and Colin Hanks and why was Melissa Sagemiller never a huge star?  And Vitamin C.  Man, I hate her music (outside of Eve’s Plum) but man, Colleen Fitzpatrick, if this were 1999 again I would so make an Angelfire fan page devoted to you.

This is a typical early 2000s high school comedy, though it’s fairly raunchy and I think it just barely skirts being R-rated.  It’s got the requisite updated Shakespeare high school play performance, wacky characters, crazy house parties, etc.  Ben Foster goes through a lot of physical and emotional trauma, and while it’s not as laugh out loud funny as I remember it, I still think it’s highly underrated.  Probably mostly forgotten by the rest of the world though.  Stupid world.

3.5 / 5


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