The Muppet Movie (1979)

After watching The Muppets yesterday, I realised that I didn’t recall anything at all about the original Muppet Movie.  After reading all about Rowlf, I decided I had better rectify that and through completely legal means, I acquired a copy of the 1979 movie that brought The Muppets to the big screen.  Bonus is that Jim Henson was still alive back then, so aside from the TV show, it’s probably one of the closest representations of his Muppet vision.

The movie serves as a basic origin story for how The Muppets all came together to become rich and famous.  It’s a family friendly road trip featuring numerous cameo performances from huge Hollywood stars back in the day, and some that are still alive today.  I’m a big fan of Steve Martin and Richard Pryor’s work in this movie, perfectly playing into The Muppets mythology whilst also maintaining their own characters.

Even accounting for the decades that have passed, it’s not a perfect movie, but it is a wonderful movie.  Pretty sure that kids these days wouldn’t enjoy it, but it’s solid entertainment with catchy songs, great performances and hey, who doesn’t love a great origin story.  Some of the meta humour feels fairly modern, so despite my earlier statement, it ages well.  Timeless classic, but still needed more Rowlf and Snookums.

4 / 5


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