Hugo (2011)

Tonight, the 84th Academy Awards will be held, and director Martin Scorsese’s Hugo is one of nine movies vying for the Best Picture Oscar.  With this viewing I’ve seen four of the nine (the other three were The Tree of LifeMoneyball, and The Help) and I swear I will be done with the Oscars forever if Tree of Life wins Best Picture.  I have a serious hate-on for pretentious garbage art-for-the-sake-of-art movies, and I’m going to say that Hugo is the direct antithesis of that hipster twaddle.

I didn’t know much about Hugo going into it, and I think everyone should go into watching it with as little background information as possible.  It makes the story all the more rich, touching and surprising.  I was a bit hesitant when it started, as I generally am at critically acclaimed films, but the wonderful whimsy of the film won me over.  It’s got a bit of an Amélie vibe to it, not just because it takes place in France, but with the wonderful little stories surrounding the supporting cast.

All the acting was top notch, and I could seriously listen to Christopher Lee recite a phone book because he’s just got such a powerfully wise voice.  So much to love about the movie, shameful that it wasn’t a box office success, but I could lay part of the blame for that on it being theatrically released as a 3D movie.  There really was no invasive 3D scenes, so I can’t imagine it gave the movie more depth or anything.  Absolutely wonderful movie, and of the four Best Picture nominated films I’ve seen so far, I would give the Oscar to Hugo.

5 / 5


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