Jack and Jill (2011)

I’ll bet you can guess what my feelings on this movie are going to be.  HINT, they’re a lot like my feelings on Bucky Larson and generally any “Adam Sandler movie”.  These movies generally offer nothing of any redeemable value, and oftentimes feature Sandler’s celebrity friends doing cameo appearances that are “fun” but generally just head-shakingly embarrassing for everyone involved.  In fact, I’m annoyed with myself at actually devoting time to not just watching the movie, but also writing up a hateful review about how terrible the movie was.  It just seems like such a waste of time to me, when I could be collecting Trophies on Uncharted 3 or smoking out by the ocean or Tweeting about stupid things.

Adam Sandler plays the two titular roles and oh my god how did it get past that stage of the script writing process?

0 / 5


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