Justice League: Doom (2012)

Weird that I’m posting this on this date, as a year ago today, writer and comic book creator (well character creator, he didn’t invent comic books~) Dwayne McDuffie died due to complications from his heart surgery.  What is most celebrated about McDuffie is probably something he didn’t want to be the thing that distinguished him from others, namely that he was black.  I never knew the man, never read his comics, hell I haven’t read anything comics-related since The Blackest Night DC Comics storyline a couple years back.  Anyways, he seemed like a decent enough dude, and he finished writing this DC Comics animated feature I guess shortly before he died.

If I remember my post-Crisis, pre-52-relaunch DC Comics history correctly, there was a storyline that took place with Batman and the rest of the Justice League of America wherein the rest of the JLA was super-pissed at Bats for spying on them or something.  I don’t know all the details, Wikipedia that shit if it interests you.  Apparently this feature is loosely based off that arc, and how thanks to someone snooping in the Batcave, they stole Batman’s contingency plans to deal with an out of control JLA and altered them in a villainous manner.

Because it’s a straight-to-DVD/Blu-Ray home release, there’s not the level of detail that’s in most theatrical features.  But this movie isn’t targeted at mainstream audiences, it’s for those that like DC features and bam, they’ve got this one.  The top notch Kevin Conroy returns as Batman, Nathan Fillion is back for more Green Lantern goodness, and there’s a lot of other famous in the voice actor industry familiar names populating the cast in their usual DC Animated Universe parts.

It’s an enjoyable enough movie, though it felt a bit rushed.  You won’t like it if you have no interest in superheroes or the like, and the animation isn’t enough to recommend the film solely for.  Sentence structure failing.  It wasn’t as bad as Emerald Knights was, but it’s no Batman: Year One either.

3 / 5

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