WALL•E (2008)


Jeez, when I’m watching so many obviously five out of five movies in a time period, I’m just tempted to turn this into a Tumblr blog so I can just post a picture and my rating rather than add more under-read words into the bloated Internet landscape.  If you don’t remember way back in 2008, many people were skeptical about whether WALL•E would end up being a successful movie or not, due to it being somewhat of a “silent” movie and kids are dumb or something.  I’d say it’s mostly that some people are dumb, and kids haven’t lost their innocence yet.  That’s why kids love WALL•E and some dumb people think it is a boring movie.

Aside from the abhorrent Cars franchise (and let’s not kid ourselves here, there’s going to be a Cars 3), nearly every Pixar movie is of the highest quality, and has a different emotional impact on people.  When I first saw WALL•E, it was an opening day matinee and that’s the last time I ever did that for a Pixar movie.  Parents, don’t bring your screaming babies to movies!  Anyways, the theatre was packed, and by the last scene, I was glassy-eyed watching WALL•E (Ben Burtt) and Eve (Elissa Knight), wondering if Pixar would ever turn heel and finally give us a dark ending.

Anyways, this movie just narrowly misses out being in my Top 20 of All Time, and if it weren’t for The Dark Knight, it would have been my #1 movie of 2008.

5 / 5

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