Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)

All of a sudden, I’m so very conflicted.  Apparently well-know troll critic Armond White named this movie as his #1 of 2010… the very same accolade I awarded it (Oh, uh SPOILER ALERT I love this movie).  Now, in case YOU didn’t know, White is known for actually being um.. well there’s no way to say this without sounding like a snobby critic, but he’s known for liking shitty movies.  Or, I guess, movies that are viewed as shitty in the eyes of most critics.  White is pretty much the only reason that Toy Story 3 doesn’t have a 100% rating at RottenTomatoes.  So now .. I’m questioning everything.

Is it really that great of a movie?  Oh, you silly bastard, OF COURSE it is.  I will say that it is probably not the most accessible movie for everyone, and that it’s clearly going to be a cult favourite for years, and mainstream audiences will never appreciate it.  The box office gross for it proves that point.  For me, the most amazing part is that I’ve probably seen it around ten times now and I still see new things that I had never noticed before.

Not to mention how, well, sexy is a weird term to use to describe SPvtW, but there’s so much love put into many of the scenes, and the execution of it is just so perfect that I sit back in awe.  And yeah, I think it’s a sexy movie, not just because I have a thing for girls with awesomely coloured hair (right behind redheads on my list), but it’s such a perfect marriage of comic books and movies.  The one part where I feel a bit embarrassed about when I show the movie to people is the first fight scene.  To me it works, but it’s a bit jarring when Matthew Patel starts singing.

There are so many wonderfully epic performances that just fly under the radar, because these actors completely embody these characters.  Or Edgar Wright is just giving fantastic motivation, I don’t know, but I love this movie.  I love it so much that it is now officially in my Top Five of All Time.

5 / 5


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