In Time (2011)

I’m just going through a bizarre premise thing lately, what with The Big Year yesterday and today’s In Time watching.  Imagine a world where the only currency was time, and every time someone mentioned time could be misconstrued in different ways.  It’s like a nightmare re-visitation of the ice cold puns from Batman & Robin (still one of my most favourite reviews that I’ve written).  In this dystopian future, genetic alteration means you stop aging at 25 years old, but unless you’re “from time”, you’ve got to earn your “living” after that, literally.

Will Salas (pronounced “solace” and played by Justin Timberlake) is a street smart dude living day to day in the ghetto with his mother, Rachel (Olivia Wilde).  When time comes to an end for Rachel, Will vows to take down the system, and thankfully some rich in years guy (Matt Bomer) decided he wanted to “time out” and gave Will all his hours and just typing this is exhausting for me.  It’s super high concept and supremely silly as well.

There’s a definite Robin Hood, or Bonnie and Clyde or even a Mickey and Mallory vibe to the movie, as Will kidnaps a different rich guy’s (Vincent Kartheiser) daughter named Sylvia (Amanda Seyfried).  There’s a lot of manufactured suspense due to the countdown to your time running out clock on your arm conceit, but it’s mostly just silly.  There was one scene I truly enjoyed, and I did get lost in the movie for a bit, but I was also trying to figure out exactly how it would work.  I mean, I had more of a problem with this concept than I did with the currency in the “Fallout” games being bottle caps.  It wasn’t terrible in my books, at least not as terrible as Kurt Sutter thought it was and I thought Cillian Murphy was quite badass in it.

3 / 5


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