The Big Year (2011)

Did you know that there really is such a thing as a “big year“?  Besides being one of the most overblown titles for something ever (in the history of ever), it is a contest based on who can see the most unique bird species within a specific geographic area in a calendar year.  On the honour system.  I repeat, on the honour system.  It is preposterous to me that in this day and age when pretty much every cell phone has a decent camera in it, the rules have not been modified to include visual or video proof.  Well, I guess, since it’s an “informal” contest, there are no rules or something stupid.

The whole premise behind the film is that it focuses on three men who set out to have a big year.  The narrator of the movie, Brad (Jack Black) is the youngest (I think?) of the three and he’s kinda going nowhere in his life, so he’s devoting a year to looking for birds.  Stu (Steve Martin) is a successful businessman who decides to retire and attempt his own big year, whilst growing more aware of his own mortality and the lives of his family.  Then there’s the reigning record holder, Kenny Bostick (Owen Wilson), smart, a bit smarmy but also endearing enough to annoy you, and a damn fine birder.

Firstly, I found the whole premise slightly stupid, but whatever.  I mean, I set out last year to average a brand new movie seen for every day of the year.  I succeeded at my #movieaday challenge, but it was no real walk in the park some movies.  Anyways, far be it for me to belittle the hobbies of other enthusiasts.  The movie was alright, but I was halfway through it when I had re-titled it in my head to The Bland Year.  There’s nothing really exciting here, but nothing overtly offensive either.

2 / 5


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