A Lonely Place to Die (2011)

Sometimes Oftentimes a movie poster or DVD package will come out that will make you interested in the movie, and have very little to do with the movie itself.  Yes, that is the gorgeous Melissa George in mountain climbing equipment at the height of a summit, and based on that and the title I thought it was going to be some sort of cross between North Face and 127 Hours. She falls down and it’s a tortured psychological terror of a movie as we wait for her to die.  Hell, there’s a few other movies I could throw into that mash-up: Buried, Frozen, even a bit of Wrecked.  Nope, it’s a mash-up, but more like 10 minutes of North Face with New Town Killers and a bit of Ransom thrown in.

Alison (George) is an experienced mountain climber, going spelunking with a group of friends on a weekend or something.  On their way to start up a mountain, they hear a voice screaming from a half-buried pipe.  Upon digging up the location, they discover Anna (Holly Boyd), a young Serbian girl who was buried in the compartment.  They concoct a plan to get the emaciated girl some help as soon as possible, but end up getting picked off one by one by Anna’s kidnappers.

Firstly, it’s a gorgeously-shot movie, with epic mountain vistas and nature shots all about.  Hey, I know, let’s throw some of The River Wild into the mash-up as well, because a good portion of the movie involves a wild river.  There’s some pretty big plot holes and suspensions of disbelief to get around, and if you think about them too much (like I did), they’ll affect your enjoyment of the movie.  It’s fairly fast-paced and violent, and y’know, I’m just going to say it belongs in the survival horror genre.  Not a typical representation, but the elements are all there.  It’s alright, better than average with decent acting for the genre, but it’s nothing I’m ever going to watch again.

3 / 5


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