Drive (2011)

UNFH.  If I’d have seen this during my 2011 #movieaday self-challenge, it would probably have ranked at #2 for my Top Five of 2011 section, right behind Warrior.  The two movies have a bit in common, as Warrior starred Tom Hardy who was fucking amazing in Nicolas Winding Refn’s Bronson and well, Refn directed this flick as well.  I have the Wiki page for Drive open in another tab (and I’ll probably end up researching Nathan Fillion’s “Drive” TV series as well, because that is how Wiki Progression works), and I’m looking forward to reading all about it.  I’m already giving the movie a 5, I mean duh, so no SPOILER ALERT about that.  But I’m trying to finish this write-up to see if I can remember what movie it most reminds me of without outside influences.

The Driver (Ryan Gosling) is an exceptionally talented uh.. driver.  He goes unnamed throughout the movie, and don’t worry about that because who cares.  The lead characters in Once were never named and that was a fucking great movie too.  He moonlights as a getaway driver, has a part-time job as a mechanic for Shannon (Bryan Cranston), and also as a stunt driver for the movies.  There isn’t a lot of exposition in this movie, things happen and they get dealt with.  Driver meets Irene (Carey Mulligan) in an elevator in their apartment building, and a series of events culminates in so much badassery that I do not want to spoil things.  Also, a love story.

I’m going to get around to purchasing this movie someday to re-watch it because it is so very good.  From the cinematography to the straight-out-of-Vice-City-soundtrack-that-is-actually-modern-music to the fact that Christina Hendricks is basically a blip in the movie, and Ron Perlman looks like a white Luis Guzmán and Albert Brooks has no eyebrows for some reason (he hasn’t answered my Tweet about that).  Also, I may be back in love with Carey Mulligan, after the hipster twaddle of Never Let Me Go last year diminished my intense passion for her.  Holy hell, my write-up is getting so lame, and for such an awesome movie, that is unacceptable.

5 / 5


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