Groundhog Day (1993)

This isn’t so much of a review as it is just a collection of thoughts that I’ve had about it.  Near Tweets if you will, although I thought this actual Tweet of mine was criminally under RTd.

If I have to go into great detail about why Groundhog Day is such a great movie, then you probably haven’t seen it.

I like to think that I have deep thoughts, and that I’m somewhat philosophical about things, but watching this movie makes me consider things on different levels that I’m so not used to.

Search elsewhere on the Internet for even deeper investigations into the film, I’m sure you will be slack-jawed with amazement about interpretations.  For example, the director Harold Ramis estimated the repeated day takes place over 10 years, in order to account for all the things that Phil Connors (Bill Murray) became a master at.  Other people estimate over 10,000 years.

My one minor complaint about the movie is that the score doesn’t age as well as the movie.  It’s not timeless, it’s somewhat jangly at points, and features a bizzarely “on-the-nose” theme song about a weatherman.

This is one of those perfect movies that I live in everyday fear of some creatively bankrupt Hollywood executive saying “You know, we could totally remake Groundhog Day/The Goonies/Better Off Dead/(etc. forever)!”  Leave things alone.  I know as a human race we’re really big on the environment nowadays, but that doesn’t mean we have to recycle ideas as well.

In summation: if you want to become a stalker, watch Phil Connors learn everything about Rita (Andie MacDowell) over the course of however many days and take that approach to heart.  Godspeed.

5 / 5


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