Role Models (2008)

I really can’t get enough of Paul Rudd.  It’s probably reaching disturbing proportions now, but come on.  Girls want to be with him and this dude would love to be him.  He’s one of the few actors that I would happily pay money to watch onscreen in pretty much anything.  I mean, I still haven’t watched Over Her Dead Body before because well, the inclusion of Eva Longoria doesn’t really make me interested in it at all.  Role Models is a reunion of sorts, with Rudd teaming up with many of his Wet Hot American Summer co-stars and getting director David Wain to helm the project.

Basically, Danny (Rudd) has a breakdown of sorts which leads to him impulsively proposing to his girlfriend Beth (Elizabeth Banks), getting rejected and then implicating his co-worker Wheeler (Seann William Scott) in vehicular hilarity.  Since Beth is a lawyer, she strikes a deal with the judge to avoid Danny and Wheeler going to jail: 150 hours of community service with Sturdy Wings, a big brother and sister type charity.  Wheeler’s “Little” is Ronnie (Bobb’e J. Thompson), a foul-mouthed youngster obsessed with boobies (can anyone blame him?), while Danny gets Augie (Christopher Mintz-Plasse), a somewhat introverted teen highly involved in LARPing.

You can tell that all these actors got along well during the movie, and it helps that most of them are highly skilled in the improvisational form of comedy.  They riff off of one another so perfectly that you can’t really tell where the script begins and ends.  It’s not a perfect movie, but if you like humour that doesn’t censor itself for a PG13 rating, then you’ll enjoy this one.

4 / 5

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