Bucky Larson: Born to Be a Star (2011)

Sometimes you go into watching a movie with preconceived notions and are completely blown away by a movie not being what it was advertised as.  Just Friends is a great example of that, as it wasn’t just Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit, but actually a pretty funny and touching movie.  Bucky Larson was almost 100% exactly what I thought it was going to be, from the shitty acting to the unbelievable story to the atrocious fact that it exists.  Thankfully, audiences around the world proved that either Adam Sandler’s Midas touch is wearing off, or that the advertisements really did work and warned people about seeing this steaming pile of excrement.

Bucky Larson (Nick Swardson) is a naive small-town man-child who – upon discovering his parents (Edward Hermann and Miriam Flynn) were unlikely porn stars in the 70s – decides to move to L.A. and follow in their gross footsteps by becoming a star in nude movies.  Through completely unbelievable on this planet turns of events, he in fact does become a porn star, and lands the incredibly cute Kathy (Christina Ricci) as his girlfriend.

There is exactly one character in this movie that could potentially exist in the real world, commercial director Claudio (Mario Joyner), who recognises Bucky for exactly what he is, a hayseed with a dream and tries to help Bucky out.  Everything else is straight out of some mentally deficient ham-fisted screenplay writer’s junk food-fueled bad dream.  It is terrible and will probably become some sort of hit in home release, because when people can drink and smoke pot while watching movies, they tend to make bad decisions.  The only redeemable part of the movie was either a mistake in the version I saw, or an actual intended switch to a different camera or filter when Bucky actually became famous, and by no means is it a reason to put yourself through watching it.

Oh and Nick Swardson, I know you’re a talented funny guy, but now that I’ve seen your piece of shit movie, can you just call a duck a duck and admit that it was a misguided terrible effort all around?  Maybe not blame the movie’s poor showing on the horrible advertisements that was populated by the idiots in every Happy Madison production that was decided by someone in marketing as a great way to lure Adam Sandler’s fanbase into the movie, and actually accept that it was the cinematic equivalent of finding a rotting animal corpse on the side of the road?

Oh and Grandma’s Boy fucking sucked too.

0 / 5


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