What’s Your Number? (2011)

Truth be told, I’m an Anna Faris fan.  Not the Faris of the Scary Movies, but the fan of her more recent work.  She always strikes me as an actress with degree of integrity when it comes to her work, and also doesn’t just do every “Katherine Heigl rejected this so maybe we can put her in it” movie role.  She’s a talented comedienne with great timing and isn’t afraid to make an ass of herself if it serves the joke.  I’m not a pothead, but I did enjoy her Smiley Face movie because first and foremost, she totally committed to the part.  Anyways, this seems to be a more box office friendly version of that character, which I’m sure studios are clamoring for more of thanks to the success of Bridesmaids.

Ally Darling (Faris) is a somewhat carefree, recently unemployed woman who finds out that she’s slept with almost double the amount of men than the average woman does in her lifetime.  The thought of that terrifies her, as she’s worried she’ll never find The One.  So, in a nearly High Fidelity-esque loophole, she decides to look up all the men she’s slept with before to see if there’s a spark there now, freeing her up to continue to enjoy sex and nothing having Her Number increase any higher.  Through the help of her next door neighbour, Colin (Chris Evans), she begins to track these men down while also helping her sister, Daisy (Ari Graynor), get ready for her wedding.

It’s not the most original of movies, but it’s also not insultingly vapid garbage like 27 Dresses or well, name any shitty Heigl rom-com over the past five years that isn’t Knocked Up.  Faris and Evans are great as usual, and there’s a fun vibe throughout the film.  As someone who occasionally agonizes over the amount of women he’s slept with and can barely remember all their names (I feel like such a dirty slut right now), I completely identified with her character.  She’s definitely smarter than her character in The House Bunny, but I didn’t enjoy the movie as much.  I know it came out just after Bridesmaids, but after seeing that movie, every movie that has women proving they can be as disgusting as dudes just kind of rings hollow to me.  Not that Bridesmaids was the most revolutionary female comedy ever, but I hold it in the highest regard.

3 / 5


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