Up in the Air (2009)

This George Clooney streak is one of the easiest streaks of movies to watch ever.  The dude has contributed so many quality movies to the world, that it is nearly unbelievable that at one point he was a character named Booker on “Roseanne”.  I don’t even know what he did on that show, but I remember him being on it, and honestly, if you look at his resume pre “ER”, well it’s downright depressing.  I’m not gonna lie, so is this movie, at least from certain perspectives.

Ryan Bingham (Clooney) travels across America as a hired gun.  All he does is go to companies and fire people, but y’know, in a classy George Clooney way.  When Natalie Keener (Anna Kendrick) comes up with new ideas about how to handle the process cost effectively, Bingham’s entire lifestyle philosophy choice is put into jeopardy.  Along the way, Bingham connects with a like-minded individual in Alex Goran (Vera Farmiga), and finds himself actually contemplating accepting that lifestyle change.

This is a classy movie, starring classy actors, and directed by a director that isn’t content with making cookie-cutter movies.  Every movie that Jason Reitman has directed (this one, Juno, and Thank You For Smoking) has been a movie that isn’t an easily digestible piece of fast food garbage.  I say that with the most loving of tones.  To Reitman, these movies aren’t just jobs or licensing opportunities, they’re a chance to make a statement or impact on someone.

Movies like these occasionally stir up the snark and snob in me, making me pissed off that there are directors out there that are happy with essentially jerking off their audiences.  This is an excellent movie, and there are so many excellent performances within, from the stars to the blink and you’ll miss them appearances of J.K. Simmons and Zach Galifianakis.

5 / 5


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