50/50 (2011)

There are times when I’m smoking and I’m thinking to myself that inevitably, I’m most likely going to get cancer.  It doesn’t help that it affected my grandparents, either.  I then think to myself that since I’ve changed my life so much, that I’ve eliminated so many casual / not really friends from my life, that I won’t have much of a support team to help me get through that period.  I used to be okay with that, just existing and wandering through people’s lives, but watching 50/50 makes me want to expand it a bit.

Actually, now that I think about it, Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) didn’t really have a huge support team at all.  He had his best friend and co-worker, Kyle (Seth Rogen), but it seemed that Adam merely put up with Kyle’s obnoxious behavior rather than embrace him as a true friend.  Then there’s Adam’s somewhat distant artist girlfriend, Rachael (Bryce Dallas Howard), who seems more inconvenienced than caring about Adam’s cancer diagnosis.  Adam views his mother (Anjelica Huston) as a hysterical mess, and his father (Serge Houde) has Alzheimer’s and barely remembers Adam.  Then there’s the therapist Adam gets, Katherine McKay (Anna Kendrick), almost entirely brand new to the job and awkward as all get out.

Those are just the characters, and if it seems like I’m being dismissive when I say the movie feels like (500) Days of Cancer, I’m not.  It’s a very hipster-y feeling movie, something director Jonathan Levine has excelled at in the past (I loved The Wackness) and it fits comfortably here.  Rogen brings his trademark lovable fool act to the table, and bounces off well with the still underrated Gordon-Levitt.  Bryce Dallas Howard puts in another great “thankless character people love to hate” performance, and well Anna Kendrick, I don’t think I’ve ever seen her in a part where I didn’t enjoy her.

The only failing that the movie has – in my humble opinion – is that overall, while it is a hopeful story, it is dark and fairly depressing subject material that doesn’t really lend itself to re-watching over and over.  Solid movie though, recommended.

4 / 5


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