Transit (2012)

Straight to home release / Video On Demand / bypassing a major theatrical release movies are generally a mixed bag.  There is a very small chance that they will be any good at all, but they occasionally star an actor or two that you enjoy so you end up watching them and pissing away an hour and a half of your life watching some Tarantino-esque-dialogue-ridden wanna-be film noir with a “twist” in it.  The storyline will usually be about good or bad cops, or ordinary people in extraordinarily shitty situations.  Transit is an example of the latter.

The film begins with a dark heist scene that ends in unexpected violence.  The we cut to Nate (Jim Caviezel), his wife Robyn (Elisabeth Röhm), and their two kids (Sterling Knight and Jake Cherry) off for a family rebuilding camping trip, since Nate has recently been released from federal prison for real estate fraud.  The heist perps are also on the road, and they’re desperate to get past a roadblock so they can make their way to Mexico.  They decide to stow their money in one of the family’s camping bags to get past the roadblock, the pick up and pick off the family afterwards.  Best laid plans, and all that.

As I mentioned at the start, you kinda know what you’re in store for with a premise like that.  Antonio Negret directs the film, and it’s not terrible or anything, it’s just easily predictable, and there aren’t really any stellar performances on which to recommend the movie for transcending the genre or anything.  Diora Baird is one of the criminals and wow, she should be in everything, comedies, dramas, action, your Twitter feed, bouncy castles, my dreams, etc.  Nothing remarkable here, but nothing offensively terrible either.

2.5 / 5


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