Killer Elite (2011)

Let’s be honest here: the title Killer Elite sounds more like a video game than some “based on actual events” hired killer action drama.  Truth is, when I heard the title and saw that Jason Statham was in it, I immediately dismissed it as a Transporter/Mechanic clone and wondered if Robert De Niro actually cared anymore.  However, Clive Owen also stars in it, so I knew that one day I’d end up watching it, because c’mon, Clive Owen.

This would be director Gary McKendry’s feature film debut, and despite what you might read on Rottentomatoes, it is a good movie.  I try not to read too many reviews before writing my own, as I don’t like having my initial opinion potentially altered, but just glancing through them seemed to me that the negative reviews don’t seem to know anything about movies.  Robert De Niro’s character is essentially a veteran hitman that is taken hostage in order to force Statham’s character into performing a few hits on behalf of a Sheikh.  Someone said that De Niro’s part was “woefully miscast” and I just don’t get the thought process there.  Whatever, not going to rant about someone on the Internet on the Internet BRAHMMMMMMM.

The movie shares a lot of traits with other movies that I highly enjoy, such as the Bourne Trilogy (which might be next up), numerous conspiracy movies, the Millenium Trilogy (what The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo starts) and various hitmen movies.  It’s economic with its action set pieces, and unlike something stupid like Shooter, it doesn’t shoehorn in a romantic subplot.  The wonderfully gorgeous Yvonne Strahovski plays the part of Statham’s girl, and the manner in which it is established is far better than any Stockholm Syndrome love affair.

I sincerely enjoyed the movie, and am left befuddled by those that didn’t see how good it truly was.

4 / 5


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