Sherlock Holmes (2009)

Having watched Sherlock Holmes for the second time now, I’m starting to think director Guy Ritchie is turning into Zack Snyder.  Or maybe it is just his recent movies that are Snyderish.  I’ll endeavor to find out if Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch hold up.  Either way, Ritchie rebounded from the shocking break-up of his marriage to Madonna with his interpretation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s legendary literary detective.

There have been countless performances of Holmes over the years, and for my money, the late Jeremy Brett’s was the best.  Solid, classy, intelligent, humourous, Brett fired on all cylinders.  However, Robert Downey, Jr. is one of the most watchable actors of recent times, so there was a good deal of confidence in his starring role as the titular character.  Jude Law backs him up as Watson, Rachel McAdams provides the eye candy, and Mark Strong is the serious heavy.

It’s a decent enough movie, but I found myself rapidly losing interest midway through.  There were some entertaining set pieces, some cinematic fights, but as in just about any Ritchie movie, most of it boils down to editing.  Quick cuts, rapid-fire action and then super slo-mo.  I’m surprised there weren’t any bullet-time scenes.  I mostly re-watched it to see if it justifies being in my collection (it doesn’t), and to maybe pick up some extra hits with the sequel in theatres now.  Actually, a strong sequel would be the second best justification for it remaining in my collection, so I’ll get around to that sometime.

I wouldn’t say Downey is perfectly cast, but he takes the role and runs with it, and the results are charming.  His chemistry with Law are highlights of the movie, and the rest of it kind of feels lacking.  I wanted more McAdams and Mark Strong, who is always an excellent bad guy, sinister and menacing.  Mildly recommended.

3 / 5


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