Terri (2011)

When I look at today’s young generation, I’m both depressed and amazed at the same time.  These are kids who are growing up through a social networking microscope, whose lives are going to be torn apart time and time again through Facebook status updates and Tweets about one another.  In theory, it should make them stronger, but I’ve also had experiences with a lot of the younger generation – which is more Generation Me than any before it – that just anger me so much because they feel so entitled to everything.  There are kids out there that aren’t going to know the meaning of hard work, the value of it.

Anyways, this movie focuses on the titular character, a 15-year-old overweight social outcast at his school, played by Jacob Wysocki to perfection.  Terri lives with his elderly Uncle James (Creed Bratton), and oftentimes has to look after James due to his dwindling faculties.  Due to Terri’s chronic lateness, he comes to the attention of Assistant Principal Fitzgerald (John C. Reilly), and from there blossoms one of the weirdest student / teacher friendships ever caught on film.  The movie captures a pivotal period in Terri’s life, and how hard it is when you’re different in high school.

There’s some wonderful performances throughout, in addition to the above mentioned trio, Olivia Crocicchia has a big future ahead of her if she sticks with decent projects such as this one.  However, it also features one of the douchiest, easily hateable characters ever, Chad, played to a gratingly annoying level by Bridger Zadina.  That’s the only flaw in an otherwise top notch film by director Azazel Jacobs.  Weird, off-beat, but also touching.

3.5 / 5

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