Contagion (2011)

After watching Contagion, I am terrified of ever coming into contact with another human being again.  You can all stay the hell away from me forever for all I care… except for the ladies.  No, not really, but it could definitely have that effect on passionate germaphobes, lending credence to their most paranoid of destructive thoughts.  It is a realistic and frightening tale of the world we live in now, and how if something like this happened, well we’re doomed.  I’m not talking The Stand level of human deaths, but religious zealots would have a field day with it nevertheless.

Basically, we can blame Gwyneth Paltrow’s character and her slutty ways for everything.  The film starts at Day 2, and the virus is already in motion.  Her character comes back from a trip to Hong Kong and dies within two days of coming home to her husband, Mitch (Matt Damon).  Then their son dies.  THEN THE WORLD DIES.  No, not really, that would be a really short movie.  There are serious, high tech investigations begun, unearthing all of her activities attempting to pinpoint where the virus began and where it went from there.  There are many smart scientist types, government employees, “real people”, a conspiracy theorist type, and a somewhat reserved media presence.  They all help tell this story of what would most likely happen if an outbreak such as this one ever took place in our modern world.

I realise I’ve been somewhat comically dismissive of the movie, but it’s actually quite well-made.  There’s an amazing level of dread and detail to the goings on that take place, and pretty much everyone is in this movie.  I swear George Clooney had an uncredited cameo as a corpse in a bodybag.  He HAS TO be in the movie somewhere.  I’d like to be all big box office dismissive guy about a disaster flick, but honestly, I enjoyed it and found it to be believable and yes, terrifying.

4 / 5

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